Meet the Team

Our Doctors

Dr. Blaire L. Michael  photo

Dr. Blaire L. Michael

From a young age, Dr. Michael always aspired to become a veterinarian. She attended Colgate University where she graduated with a degree in biology. As an undergraduate, Dr. Michael externed at the National Institutes of Health non-human primate facility where she provided veterinary care and obtained research data on various species of monkeys. After graduating from the University of Pennsylvania's School of Veterinary Medicine in 2000, Dr. Michael moved to Connecticut where she worked in both general day practice and 24 hour emergency referral hospitals. After 8 years as an associate veterinarian at Powder Ridge, Dr. Michael purchased the practice in December 2018.

Dr. Michael looks forward to continuing the mission Dr. Brooks started by providing excellent patient care to the families and pets of the Powder Ridge Veterinary Hospital. Dr. Michael shares her life with her husband, their 4 children and numerous 4 legged friends.

Dr. Marcy Nedder </br> Associate Veterinarian  photo

Dr. Marcy Nedder
Associate Veterinarian

Dr. Marcy Nedder was born and raised in Central Connecticut. She received her Bachelor of Science degree in Nursing from the University of Rhode Island in 1985. She worked as a registered nurse in a Boston hospital prior to her veterinary career. Dr. Nedder received her Doctoral of Veterinary Medicine from Tufts University in 1996. She has practiced veterinary medicine in Boston and in various places in Connecticut. At home Dr. Nedder manages her own farm which includes horses, chickens, sheep, and her rescued dogs. Her twin daughters and husband, who is also a veterinarian, keep her busy as well. She has worked at Powder Ridge Veterinary Hospital since 2017.

Our Staff

Ann-Marie Harmon </br> Office Manager photo

Ann-Marie Harmon
Office Manager

Ann-Marie has worked in the veterinary field for over 30 years and worked for PRVH since 2016. Ann-Marie is the proud mother of 3 boys. She has two dogs, three cats, one bird, and one guinea pig.

Deb Valvo </br> Veterinary Technician  photo

Deb Valvo
Veterinary Technician

Deb has been a veterinary technician since 1973 and has worked for PRVH for 31 years. She is married with one child and one grandchild. When she is not at the clinic she loves to go hiking, letterboxing, gardening, and photography. She raised and showed English Springer Spaniels and showed Appaloosa Horses.

Becky Grant </br>Veterinary Technician photo

Becky Grant
Veterinary Technician

Becky started with PRVH in 2005 but has been in the veterinary industry for 17 years. Becky and her husband of 11 years have 3 children and one dog. When she is not at the clinic she enjoys cooking and entertaining!

Jennifer Brown  photo

Jennifer Brown

Jennifer has worked for PRVH since 2007. In her free time she likes to hike with her dogs, paint, and vacuum.

Corine DeFrancesco </br> CVTA, Veterinary Technician  photo

Corine DeFrancesco
CVTA, Veterinary Technician

Corine has worked for PRVH since 2010. She has three children, dogs, cats, horses, and goats.

Shane A. Kichard </br> Veterinary Technician  photo

Shane A. Kichard
Veterinary Technician

With nearly 15 years within the Veterinary Field, Shane adds a wealth of knowledge to our support team. From day practice to emergency and a number of specialties, Shane has had many experiences professionally. In his spare time he practices a diverse set of hobbies. From fitness, rally cars, sculpting, foraging, archery, osteology, mycology, and practicing sustainability to name a few, Shane keeps rather busy!

Corinne Vicenzo  </br> Veterinary Technician  photo

Corinne Vicenzo
Veterinary Technician

Corinne has been in the Veterinary field for quite a few years. She has an extreme passion of loving and helping all animals. As a little girl she was always bringing home strays and of course her mom was sometimes not very happy. But she knew how much love she has to save all animals. She feels very blessed to be a Veterinary Technician. She and her husband, Roger, have two dogs (Kayla & Emma) and three cats (Bruce, Rosie, and Tiggie). They truly enjoy spending their free time with all their fur babies!

Erin O'Connor  </br> Receptionist  photo

Erin O'Connor

Erin has worked for PRVH since early 2018 and is currently in school to become a Vet Tech. When she is not at the hospital she enjoys painting and reading. She has two cats named Harley and Bagheera. Her favorite part of working at the hospital is beng able to meet all the pets and their owners!

Kate Zarbo </br> Technician photo

Kate Zarbo

Kate joined the PRVH team in January 2019. She started in the veterinary field in 2009 and gained experience in both small animal and equestrian medicine. When not working at our hospital, Kate works as an EMT in Hartford. She also competes in Schutzhund (protection, obedience and tracking) with her male German Shepherd. Kate and her female German Shepherd, Rogue, are members of the CT Task Force 1 as a K9 and medical search team.

Karen Gee </br> Technician photo

Karen Gee

Karen has been working in the veterinary field for over 30 years. Her vast sum of knowledge and experience is a welcomed addition to our Powder Ridge family. Karen is a dedicated mother, wife and friend who enjoys Science Fiction literature and cinema. She also shares her life with 2 dogs and a cat.

Sarah </br> Bookkeeper photo


Sarah majored in Business Management at The University of Connecticut, however, she spent a lot of her time on the other side of campus working at The Kellogg Dairy Center and participating in the UConn Dairy Club. She joined the veterinary field after graduation in 2005. While animals are her greatest passion, she does also enjoy a number of other activities. When she’s not at work or spending time with her animals, she enjoys gardening, scrapbooking, painting, and traveling.

Our Founder

Dr. Larry Brooks  photo

Dr. Larry Brooks

Thank you, Dr. Brooks…

At Powder Ridge Veterinary Hospital, we’re grateful for the years Dr. Larry Brooks spent establishing and growing the practice.

Dr. Brooks recently decided to retire from Powder Ridge Veterinary Hospital.

Our goal is to continue his mission to provide expert and compassionate care for pets.

We wish him all the best in the future.

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