Pet Memorials

Honoring our beloved companions.

Welcome to the Powder Ridge Pet Memorial Page. We invite you to celebrate your pet’s life and their story with us. Our pets are a part of our family, and the experience of losing a pet can be an emotionally difficult one. Sharing your memories can be very therapeutic. Please submit your pet’s picture and a story you’d like to share about the life they’ve spent with you.

Please submit to and include “Memorial Page” in the subject line. Please limit submissions to 250 words or less.



Oliver loved her family very much even though she was skittish around others. Every night when they were little, Ollie would hop up and literally watch over my daughter until she fell asleep. When anyone in the family was sick, Oliver seemed to know and always came to comfort. When she was young she loved playing fetch with hair ties. She also loved drinking water from a faucet and at one point had learned how to turn the tub on just enough so she could drink from it. When my son went off to college and would video call home, Oliver loved coming to see him and the screen. She was not very happy when we got our dog and decided to live upstairs from that point forward. When my daughter moved out that became the cats room and she had a huge cat tree by a sunny window which she loved. She would come to sleep on top of me and give me a little bite every now and then to wake me up. She also learned how to say hello when I got home from work, she would shout hello over and over from the top of the stairs till I came up to see her and would purr like crazy while we were together. The morning of the day she passed I checked in on her and she was snuggled up into her little hut and peaking out at me, she was purring so much as I told her I loved her and was sorry she was not well. She gave me a little blink and we just looked at each other for a bit.  I had a feeling that might be our last goodbye. Thank you for loving us all these past 17 years and I forgive you for the many pieces of furniture and floors. Rest in peace my little miss Oliver.


The absolute best roommate ever. He loved my decorating styling. Never said a bad word about my taste in clothes.
He was the BEST host when visitors came to the house. He really wasn’t fussy about his dinner- just wanted it when he wanted it! He even learned to say ‘Ready”
He always followed me from room to room. Had the loudest purr ever. He LOVED my grown son we called Uncle Bryan.  There is so much more about this loving guy, my heart is broken-RIP my special guy 


Chloe, our beloved Cairn Terrier, graced our family over 17 years ago. She was ever on the go as a puppy and very agile making our living room her gymnastics arena. I was exhausted watching her. She grew into a lovable cuddlebug. She loved to snuggle up on the couch and would paw at us  if we stopped petting her.  She loved her belly rubs and would go belly up for anyone. She loved all people and animals. Her favorite toy was her cow that we still have. Being a “working dog” I often had to protect the wildlife outside. But in her tenure she has caught a few unsuspecting critters and a few times actually ripped the downspout off of our house trying to get the chipmunks trying to save themselves.
She loved car rides (and accompanied us on some long excursions) and being the captain out on our boat (with a life jacket of course:).
As is expected in her later years she did quiet down but still had a very spunky spirit. We have always taken long walks together  but she could still do up to 2 1/2 miles with me through her 15th year albeit slower. After that when a foot tumor came, slowed her down she would walk with me pushing her in a dog stroller as I would never leave a “man behind”. I don’t know that I could ever love another dog as much as her and she was definitely a beautiful part of our family.
 But now It is with a broken heart that I say we lost our sweet “puppy”, Chloe. It was a hard decision but she loved us unconditionally for 17 1/2 years and we loved her back, holding her and consoling her until her last breath. Chloe, I will miss my walking buddy, my car buddy, our adventures and seeing your sweet face everyday my dear sweet girl. I hope you found your brother, Baxter, and are romping together. Until we meet again at the bridge… 
Love Mom and Dad